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Women's denim jeans

Women's denim jeans

Authentic by nature, denim is a fabric with a thousand souls. Jeans, jackets, dresses and skirts in many washes and trendy models: find the perfect one to dress yours.

Democratic, universal, beyond races, nations, status and even fashions, denim is suitable for all women and used by all.Nonconformist by nature, it is a material with a thousand souls and facets that has gone through eras and trends to express the strong, free and somewhat rebellious side that is in each of us.Denim ages, impregnated with adventure, with the life of the wearer. It is the canvas on which to draw one's history. Each wash is a page turned.The bond between denim and GAS is inseparable. It is an integral part of the brand's identity, the backbone of its history as well as its future. For over thirty years, thanks to an unrepeatable mix of creativity, research, industrial know-how and unmistakably Italian style, GAS has been helping to tell the story of its transformations and innovations.Jeans but also skirts, dresses, shirts and accessories. Attention is paid to the latest trends in the scrupulous selection of fabrics to improve wearability and comfort, to the study of lines to enhance the body, to innovative treatments and washes, to the study of selvedges, sewing threads, rivets, buttons, labels ... These and many others are just the ingredients that, dosed with almost maniacal care, give each denim garment that lived-in and authentic flavor that makes it a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece.